KARACHI: The delay in voting on No Confidence Motion in National Assembly was part of plan to buy time for filing a review before the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The session of NA started this morning at time fixed by the apex court in its order dated 7-4-2022, followed by the opening speech by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi. The delay thus started as Qureshi is a good orator. The Speaker adjourned the proceedings as Opposition pressed for voting and chanted slogans “Voting Karaoo”. Taking advantage the proceedings were adjourned till 12:30 hrs.

The proceedings could not resume at given time and followed by a meeting in the chamber of Speaker of NA.

The session resume after a considerable delay and now comes the news that government has filed a review petition before the Supreme Court.

The review if accepted would mean another impasse as until it is decided no further movement could be made. So in the end, the session will be adjourned till the top court and top judges hear and decide the review application stated to be filed by Dr Baber Awan and another.

The combine opposition which hoped voting today positively will have to wait for another day or two. These were tactics used by Imran Khan and PTI to cling to the power, to undermine the democratic process through which the governments are changed around the world smoothly but in Pakistan, traditions are yet to be set, good examples are yet to be made and practiced.