KARACHI: The Foreign Conspiracy Theory allegedly hatched by a foreign country aimed at over throwing government of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf apparently failed to click as forces to reckon with didn’t buy the idea.

Prime Minister Imran Khan referred to a “cable” sent to him by a Pakistani diplomat who conveyed the “perceived threats” to our brave Prime Minister who had a courage to say “absolutely not”.

The Prime Minister misjudge the difference between a direct threat and objective, tentative assessment made by diplomats in routine daily and send them in for their foreign office so that their input and informations are duly considered while making policy on any strategic or issue of national interest.

The PTI government weaved a net to catch the combined opposition preventing them from advancing No Confidence Motion, voting on it and subsequent change of government securing decisive 199 votes.

The cable cannot be termed a threat or an international conspiracy as it was merely meant for home consumption of foreign office yet it was blown to in-appropriate proportion and even a super power was dragged into the controversy.

United Stated of America did send a letter to Pakistan to reconsider planned visit of Imran Khan to Russia saying that any visit at that particular point of time will be taken negatively by the US authorities/administration. No more open or covert threat was given. In contrast USA top representative issued and are issuing serious threats to India forcing the Indian government to restrain from entering oil purchase etc against Ruble or Indian currency and others. These were more serious threats and mean “business”. The Indians were warned of “stern consequences” while Pakistan never ever got such warnings and this deflates the air from “bubble” created by Imran Khan government of challenging sovereignty of Pakistan and its people.

The misjudgment, misreading and misquoting the cable and taking undue political advantage out of the allegations of “International conspiracy” has caused serious damage to Pakistan’s foreign policy goals and interests besides creating problems for Pakistani Community living in America who historically support PTI and Imran Khan.

After failure in taking advantage of so called International conspiracy, the PTI government is exploring other extra constitutional measures just to prolong its government and to cling to power at any cost even with great insult.