KARACHI: Prime Minister Imran Khan has rejected the explanation given by the dissident PTI MNAs and decided to file reference against these members on charge of Floor Crossing.

The news if correct implies that the Prime Minister himself admitted that these members have defected and joined the Combined Opposition. The number of defectees is stated to be 12 and if this number is deducted from the deciding figure of 172, PTI is left with 160 member and hence PM Imran has lost majority and thus is no more Prime Minister.

The reference if sent at this time it would be pre-mature as these MNAs’ have responded to the show cause notices issued to them by the Secretary General of PTI Asad Umar. They in separate replies have denied leaving the party (PTI) and have said that till the time when they are sending the reply, they are with the party.

These replies have pre-empted invoking of defection clause against them and it could be invoked only and when they caste a vote against expressed policy of their party i.e P.T.I.