GWADAR: I&I Gwadar has seized large quantity of foreign origin liquor at a dumping place along the coast.

Information was passed through Director Agha Saeed to Deputy Director Rana Aftab regarding presence of contraband items. ASO Hanif Kurd and team made a successful operation at a dumping place near Sami Peer (a deserted place near sea coast) in Uthal district and found 36 crates (12 bottles each) = 432 bottles of foreign origin liquor.

A suspected car in the vicinity has also been brought into custody which is believed to be under the use of smugglers for transportation purpose.
The approx value of the captured goods is Rs.15 million.

All the case property is brought to the Custom House Gadani and further investigations are underway. It may be mentioned here that I&I Gwadar is very under staffed and short of resources, which has made it quite difficult to cover the large jurisdiction in Baluchistan, which is the reason diesel and cooking oil smuggling has not been reduced.