KARACHI: I&I Karachi has lodged FIRs against Muhamad Amin Mithani, Usama Mithani, Huzaifa Mithani and Muhammad Zubair Gheewala for fiscal fraud through submission of tampered, fabricated and fake import documents and gross mis-declaration of the imported goods causing loss to national exchequer.

Information was passed that M/s Four Brothers Trading and M/s Hasan Steel with the collusion of M/s Zubair Steel have committed fiscal fraud and evaded significant amount of government revenue against Customs clearance of Iron & Steel sheets through tampering import documents and mis-declaration.

In pursuance of the information, Director procured relevant documents/data of the consignments in the WeBOC system as well as copies of the relevant bank certified actual import documents.

Role of the concerned shipping company/agents, clearing agent M/s Trishmir Imports, Customs employees will also be investigated thoroughly for their collusion in the committed crime.

The concrete material evidence sufficiently confirms that Banklslami Pakistan Limited was/is lawful consignee of the impugned consignments who financed the import of the consignment into Pakistan while M/s Hassan Steel is lawful owner thereof. However, on contrary. the above referred lawful importers/owners M/s Hassan Steels and M/s Four Brothers Trading with the collusion of M/s Zubair Steel and their other associates in crime arranged uploaded false and misleading IGM in the WeBOC System by the concerned shipping company falsely mentioning therein M/s Zubair Steel as consignee of the impugned consignment.

Inquiries made into the matter further revealed that lawful importer/owner of the consignment M/s Hassan Steels and M/s Four Brothers Trading were registered with FBR as a “commercial importers”, hence, additional sales tax and income tax, respectively besides other payable duties and taxes for Customs clearance of the impugned goods in terms of the mandatory provisions of the relevant Pakistan Customs Tariff.

However, to claim undue exemption of AST and IT for evading legitimate Government revenue, they illegally arranged manifestation of the cargo in the name of M/s Zubair Steel, which is registered as manufacturer. This scheme was aimed at availing undue tax exemption available only for manufacturers.

Hasan Mithani said the I&I Karachi staff raided their apartment at 0400 hours and barged into the apartment, misbehaved with women and children. Hasan Mithani said the name of Usama Mithani was unnecessarily included in the FIRs because Usama was not the proprietor/director or employee of the business.