QUETTA: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has advised Chief Collector Baluchistan to re-verify from posting record to ensure that officers and officials actually processed the consignments of nylon rope during 2014-2021.

FBR also advised Chief Collector Baluchistan to prepare draft Orders of Inquiry (including charge sheets and statements of allegations) under Civil Servants (E&D) Rules, 2020 and forward the same to FBR for further administrative action.

An official said this entire exercise on part of Chairman FBR Dr. Ashfaq was futile and only aimed at maligning Customs group, its officers and officials.

Chairman FBR Dr. Ashfaq has forwarded a charge sheet to Finance Minister against Saeed Jadoon Member Policy Customs, which was vetted by Finance Minister and now it is tabled at Establishment Division.

Saeed Jadoon was indicted in a case made by I&I Quetta that sizeable revenue was lost due to non-implementation of Valuation Rulings.

Several others officers are being targeted, as according to sources Chairman FBR was only interested in showing his efficiency to the Prime Minister. Through reopening this case, and ordering audit of vehicles auction, sources said Chairman FBR Dr. Ashfaq was trying to target around 50 PCS officers of BS-17 to BS-20.

Dr. Ashfaq is a very junior officer and he was made Chairman for the efficient investigation in the Qazi Faez Essa case. This investigation was assigned to him by Mirza Shahzad Akbar.

Without taking the merits of the case into consideration, Chairman FBR is opening past cases and pressurizing inquiry officers to fix responsibility on officers. Dr. Ashfaq already made a case in MG vehicles import case to malign Tariq Huda.

Meanwhile, the High Power Board (HPB) meeting to take up the promotion of BS-21 officers into BS-22 has been delayed for an indefinite period, which has caused kind of anxiety among the officers. Until and unless, the HPB is convened and officers are promoted, this inter-office politics would continue, which would adversely impact the departments’ performance and moral of the officers.

Establishment Division had received a list of 26 people for promotion to Grade 22 against three positions of the FBR’s Inland Revenue Service.

FBR Chairman Dr Mohammad Ashfaq is also among the 26 potential candidates for the promotion but his name is at number 18th in the seniority list.

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has served call-up notices on nearly half a dozen top taxmen for not providing legally protected information that a taxpayer had shared with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) under the 2019 offshore assets tax amnesty scheme.

Except one, all of those who received NAB notices are senior to chairman FBR.


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