KARACHI: Pakistan Customs, MCC, Appraisement, West, submitted interim challan before trial court against 24 absconding accused, 8 accused in judicial custody and another seven on bail.

The case pertains to import of vehicles on “fake Proceed Realization Certificate” (PRCs), Encashment Certificates and their subsequent verification from concerned Bank.

The case involves duty and taxes worth rupees 12.864 million rupees. The customs on suspicion sent the PRCs for verification to United Bank Limited head office which reported that PRCs issued mainly from Pajpir Swabi and Mardan branches were found fake rendering the import of vehicles under these documents as illegal. The accused involved, importers, consignees have abetted in preparing fake documents (PRCs) and confirmation letters to avail the facility under Permanent Residence transfer and other related schemes.

One Shafique Ahmed was stated to be main accused who confessed before the investigating officer that he used to arrange passports of incoming passengers for subsequent use by the custom clearing agents concerned. His two brothers were also found involved in this scam.

From the fore going facts and circumstances of the case, it is established that all the absconding accused with active connivance of accused in custody and on bail jointly ans severally committed an offence  which falls within the ambit of section 16, 17, 32, 79, 192 and 209 of the Customs Act 1969, punishable under clause 9, 14,46 and 86 of Section 156 of the Customs Act, the interim challan submitted before Special Custom court said.

The absconding accused in the case are  Rahman Sher S/o Fazal-ur-Rahman, Hasham Khan S/o Gul Aklbar Khan, Iftikhar Khan S/o Alif Jan, Faizul Asad S/o Bahramand, Hazrat Usman S/o Hazrat Umar, Imran Khan S/o Sarmadan Khan, Khaista Zeb S/o Afzal Khan, Irshad Ali S/o Waleem Ali, rehan S/o Rahim Gul, Atlas Khan S/o Qazi Akbar, Miraj Khan s/o Said Mashal, Guldulah Khan S/o Inzar Gul and others.

The accused in custody are Ahmed Yar Khan.