Lawyers boycott court proceedings on call by Pakistan Bar Council (PBC)

KARACHI: The courts of Sindh remained deserted here on Thursday as the lawyers across the province observed a full day strike on a call given by Sindh bar Council.

The strike call was given to protest over attempts by present government to elevate a woman junior judge to Supreme Court of Pakistan ignoring senior most judges and at least two chief justices.

Pakistan Bar Council has asked its affiliated lawyer bodies to organize a protest as Supreme Judicial Council meets here today to decide the issue of elevation of judges to superior court.

Former Chief Justice of High Court of Sindh and retired judge of Supreme Court Mr. Sarmad Jalal Osmany vote will be the deciding one. Mr Osmany is known for his independent views and lawyers believe that he will upheld the rule of seniority.

The courts at Karachi were empty since morning and staff enjoyed a working holiday as no lawyer turned up in courts following the directions of Sindh Bar Council. Hundreds of cases were adjourned while prisoners were not brought to courts due to strike call announced on Wednesday.

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