Contravention served on M/s Humair Iqbal for violating Import Policy Order


QUETTA: A Contravention is served on M/s Humair Iqbal, Taftan for importing goods from India via Iran.

Information was received Collector Rashid Habib Khan to Additional Collector Khayal Muhammad that an attempt will be made to import walnuts in shell USA origin exported from India.

The Collector of Customs constituted a team headed by Kaleem Ullah Wagan, Deputy Collector. The staff of border station Taftan comprising Superintendents Arshad Zubair and Faisal Siddique, Inspectors Zahir Ali, Nadir Ali, Usmanullah Khatak and sepoys kept vigilance on all incoming consignments entering from Iran to Pakistan.

M/s. Atta & Brothers, border clearing & forwarding agents filed an application behalf of M/s Humair lqbal, Taftan for trans-loading of goods meant for transportation to NLC Dry Port, Quetta under Inter Port Movement.

The declared description of goods was ‘Inshell Walnuts”. During trans-loading from Iranian vehicle to Pakistani vehicle, it was observed that bags have been pasted with stickers / labels duly depicting (Exporter’s address AGSON GLOBAL PVT LTD, New Delhi of India.

The process of trans-loading was stopped and consignment was offloaded and accordingly it transpired that 800 Polypropylene bags marked with “CARRIERE Family Farms” (Product of USA) (each bag of 25 Kgs) (exported from India as per stickers / labels found on the bags indicting exporter’s address).

Even from some of the stickers / labels it transpired that consignment have been imported in to India first as the name of the importer in India was found to be “AGSON GLOBAL PVT LTD and then the said consignment has been imported in to Iran for subsequent import to Pakistan suggesting that the whole process of the said import is relative.

A Contravention Report is served on the import for further adjudication for mis-declaring country of export, and violating provisions of Import Policy order.

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