HPB to convene on December 29, 2021

KARACHI: The in-house politics is at peak as the High Power Board (HPB) is finally convening on December 29, 2021 with PM Imran Khan in chair.

Interestingly, a week ahead of HPB, Chairman FBR Dr. Ashfaq allegedly received a secret letter from NAB regarding four IRS officers including Qaiser Iqbal, Ashfaq Tunio, Naseer Nutt and another.

Based on this highly kep secret letter from NAB, Chairman FBR removed the names of these four IRS officers of BS-21 from the list of officers to be promoted into BS-22.

It may be mentioned here Chairman FBR Dr. Ashfaq is a BS-21 officer and he in No.18 on the list of officers to be promoted into BS-22. Several other officers were allegedly withdrawn from the list.

Sources said this episode was the sequel of the conspiracy hatched against Member Customs Tariq Huda (BS-21), which severely damaged the Customs Group.

Sources said Chairman FBR Dr. Ashfaq had put the entire organization at stake just to serve his own interests.

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