Enforcement Karachi arrests notorious cars smuggler Abid Kabuli

KARACHI: Customs Enforcement Karachi along with Qalandar wing of Rangers arrested notorious cars smuggler Abid Kabuli and recovered 6 non duty paid vehicles from his custody.

Information was passed through Collector Feroz Alam Junejo and Additional Collector Honak Baloch to Deputy Collector Inamullah Wazir regarding presence of smuggled vehicles and Abid Kabuli at a compund at Kashmir Road Karachi.

Anti smuggling organization (ASO) of Customs Enforcement Collectorate, Karachi while acting on a tip off raided a compound on Kashmir road along with Qalandar wing of Karachi Rangers and recovered 6 non duty paid smuggled vehicles worth more than Rs12 million belonging to notorious smugglers Abid Ashraf alias Abid Kabuli.

Abid Kabuli was previously booked in five different FIRs by Customs Enforcement Karachi. Customs Judge ordered physical remand of Abid Kabuli in custody of customs till December 29, 2021.

Scores of fake number plates and bogus vehicle papers have also been recovered. Abid Kabuli runs an organized ring of persons who smuggle vehicles from Afghanistan and bring it to Karachi on fake documents.

These vehicles are then sold to different influential persons in Karachi. Further arrests and seizures of smuggled vehicles expected.

It is a significant achievement of MCC Enforcement Karachi. Investigations are underway, which would lead to the entire supply chain and buyers of smuggled vehicles.

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