MCC Appraisement East books several for fraudulent import of used cars

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has lodged an FIR against several persons for fradulent import of used cars through submitting fake and forged Payment Realization Certificate (PR) and Encashment Certificate.

In this regard, Member (Customs-Operations) Tariq Huda, Chief Collector of Customs Appraisement (South) Wajid Ali and Collector of Customs Appraisement (East) Fayyaz Rasool instructed the R&D branch of this Collectorate to investigate the scam in detail and arrest the culprits involved in it.

Fayyaz Rasool formed two teams one headed by Deputy Collector R&D Usman Tariq  and other team led by Principal Appraiser (Car Group) Junaid Malik to scrutinize and analyze the data.

A major breakthrough achieved when a representative of a private bank who has been arrested by staff of R&D Appraisement West admitted that he issued fake PRCs for financial gains.

Moreover, a network of notorious fake PRCs and passport providers has also been identified. In addition to it, more suspicious/dubious PRCs are being identified and will be sent to head offices of concerned banks for verification. Strict action will be taken against all those involved in this scam.

An official said several banks and their managements were believed to be involved in this scam.

With a vision and under the able leadership of Member Customs Tariq Huda and Member Policy Saeed Jadoon,Customs Appraisement across Pakistan have delivered record performance collecting highest revenues.

The official said the huge jump in legitimate revenue was not possible without and efficient and effective anti-smuggling campaign. It may be mentioned here Tariq Huda launched a rigorous anti-smuggling campaign and targeted notorious smugglers, transportation routes, dumping ground and markets housing smuggled goods.

The measures taken by Pakistan Customs reduced the smuggling to a significant extent and severely hurt the interests of unscrupulous elements.

Due to the effective policies and tough stance against revenue leakage and smuggling, Member Customs Tariq Huda has become the target of several conspiracies and back-biting, Even, Prime Minister Imran Khan was over-briefed about Tariq Huda. However, PM Imran Khan didn’t pay any head to these conspiracies.

It may be mentioned here MCC Appraisement West has also lodged three FIRs against several persons incuding commercial banks’ staff for issuing fake PRCs and Encashment certificates to facilitate fradulent import of used cars.

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