Karachi Customs Agents praise Chief Collector South for trade facilitation

KARACHI: Saif Ullah Khan, President Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA) informed that Customs department and Custom agents are both working for the betterment of business community at large.

“With the help of Customs department we have initiated several policy changes that have given fruitful results and subsequent decrease in overall dwell time of the custom clearance process,” he said in a statement.

He appreciated efforts of the worthy Chief Collector South (Appraisement) Mr. Wajid Ali who has initiated the pre-arrival clearance process and simultaneously promoted the re-engineering of various steps of the clearance process that has improved the working environment.

One such improvisation is the direct dissemination of the document calling message without the approval of AC/DC group. Usually the traders had to wait for the approval of document calling message by the concerned AC/DC before they can attach the documents in the Weboc system.

This outstanding stride by the Chief Collector South in collaboration with Directorate of Reforms and Automation will enable the traders to receive the document calling message for any particular goods declaration without the need for AC/DC to approve it hence subsequently expediting the clearance of cargo.

Regarding Refund Management System, the following changes also made by the Customs Authorities under Weboc system:

  • Weboc system automatically sends the cancelled GDs to AC/DC refund folder upon cancellation of GD.
  • AC/DC Refund is able to see all cancelled GDs in his folder and also view the GD details.
  • Against canceled GDs AC/DC Refund can “Print Cheque”.
  • After completion of refund process of the cancelled GDs and set the status as “cheque printed successfully” importer is not allowed to perform any further activity including refund activity on these GDs.

“It is indeed a pleasure to acknowledge the efforts of the Customs Department for the promotion of trade facilitation and ease of doing business”.

General Secretary KCAA Arshad Khurshid also appreciated the interest shown by the Chief Collector South (Appraisement) that has really benefited to overcome the challenges faced by business community.

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