DGTO rejects appeal by Arshad Jamal, another, upholds decision by FPCCI Election Committee

KARACHI: The Director General of Trade Organizations (DGTO). Islamabad passing an Order in Original (ONO) rejected an appeal filed by Arshad Jamal, Ex Chairman Pakistan Custom Agents Association (APCA) and Agha Iftikhar, Member APCA.

The Regulator noted that the appellants were not nominated  by any Trade Organization. It said that they have sought inclusion of their names and exclusion of names of Mr. Shams Burney and Muhammad Amin who are nominees of the APCA.

The appeal was against a decision by Election Commission of FPCCI which allowed the later nominees of APCA to be voters in FPCII elections.

Mr. Riaz Ahmed, Regulator in his order upheld the decision by the FPCCI Election Commission and directed the Secretary General of FPCCI to include names of Shams Burney and Muhammad Amin in the voter list of FPCCI for Election 2022.

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