Customs Gwadar seizes narcotics worth Rs400 million

GWADAR: Customs Gwadar in a crackdown on drug smugglers, seized drugs worth over Rs 400 million in two separate operations.

Exchanges of fire between drug smugglers and customs officials took place and the smugglers managed to escape.

Gwadar Customs is determined to rid the coast of Balochistan of drugs. Until the coast of Balochistan is cleared of drugs. We will continue our operations.

These views were expressed by Collectot Gwadar Customs Muhammad Jared Chaudhry while addressing a press conference held at Customs Office Gwadar.

During the operation 16 kg of high quality crystals were recovered from the smugglers at Minab Border. In another operation 300 kg of high quality opium were recovered.

On the instructions of Chief Collector Gul Rehman, Customs formations in Baluchistan are pursuing a rigorous anti-smuggling campaign, which has resulted in significant decline in narcotics smuggling.

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