Develop own laboratory if keen on environmental protection: SHC 2012 consignment of PVC scrap released

KARACHI: Deciding a suit filed back in 2012, a single judge bench of High Court decided a number of a application ordered release of consignments to auction purchaser. The goods were detained on ground of being “hazardous”.

The sales were taken and sent to a number of laboratories including Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (G.I.K). Dr Khurram Iqbal Khan of G.I.K in an email to Principal Appraiser of Directorate of Intelligence & Investigations , Pakistan Customs  said that samples is not “uniform” and is scrap, It could not be termed hazardous. Dr Imran of G.I.K suggested it’s testing at UET Lahore.
The single judge perusing the case file  noted the delay and useless exercises of tests at different laboratories including PCSIR lacking proper facilities.

The defendants may have developed their own laboratory if they are keen about environmental protection, the bench said in it’s order.

The bench deciding the nine year old un_necessary controversy allowed a number of miscellaneous applications ordered handing over of consignments to auction purchaser.

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