Zain Jatoi Advocate withdraws legal representation of I&I Karachi

KARACHI:  Zain Jatoi ASC of The Law Practice of Jatoi & Company has advised Customs Intelligence and Intelligence Karachi of withdrawal of legal representation. Zain Jatoi will no more represent the Directorate as legal counsel.

This follows a compliant filed  by Zain Jatoi’s firm before Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) regarding malignant, defamatory and contemptuous social media campaign on the behest of officers of Customs Intelligence and Intelligence.

In his notice to the Directorate, Zain Jatoi noted the case files of pending cases have already been returned to the  Directorate and no fees is owed by Mr. Jatoi having never been paid any.

“It is in the department’s interest to arrange alternate legal representation,” Jatoi noted

In his complaint to FBR, Jatoi noted Director General Abdul Rasheed Shaikh was backing Superintendent Dost Muhammad in an assault on the system to tarnish and destroy businesses, reputations, statures and honor of innocent taxpayers, upright government officers, reputable individuals and, quite unfortunately, the law courts all alike.

“Having been the target/victim of Dost Muhammad, and his collaborators, for the crime of professionally representing my clients but ignoring him as an inconsequential, underperforming low-level functionary with diseased mind, he took my silence as a weakness and dared cross limits he ought to have, in the first place, looked away from, I have now decided to put my foot down and take the matter to the law courts as well as law enforcement to make this criminal, and his collaborators, face retribution and pay for crimes carried out long enough under the cloak of officialdom”.

Jatoi requested FBR to take measures to protect innocent taxpayers, upright government officers and reputable individuals from harassment and intimidatory tactics of Dost Muhammad restraining him from representing Customs/Directorate before any forum whatsoever; investigate the role of Shaikh in the illegal activities of Dost Muhammad as well as the reasons behind his support, backing and encouragement to the extent of defying the superior authority such as the FTO.

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    *kufr toota khuda khuda ker k*
    *burri tarha nakam tareen pitti i se pehle taxpayer k greban pe haath daal k tax wasool kia jata tha laikin pti taxpayer ko zameen pe litta k uss ki gurden pe jooty smait charrh k nai nai tax eejaad ker k wasooli ker rahi he.
    *iss se zyada zillet taxpayer ki aur kia ho gi*

    *khufya haath 76-saal se qoam ko burrayon ki maa samjhany waly media pe taxpayer aur politician ko berhanna kia ja raha he………….. kia kabhi dunya ki ghinaonni tareen buracrecy, insaaf se arri ghinaonni tareen adlya, ghinaonne tareen ghddarr e wattan technocrats, jhoota tareen maader pidder azad media aur intehaee muazrat k saat *muqaddas gayon* ka bhi kuch ho ga ya phir…..

    *ese me zain jatoi sahab ki awaz nakkar khany me tooti ki awaz k siwa kuch nahi*

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