TP replacement: Customs Lahore lodged FIR against habitual offenders

LAHORE: I&P Cell of MCC Appraisement Dry Port Mughalpura Lahore has lodged an FIR against several persons for illegally replacing high value goods from a transshipment (TP) container with low value goods.

According to details, M/s U.S Traders, Lahore imported a consignment and filed a Transshipment Permit (TP) to Dry Port Lahore. Information was passed through Chief Collector Faiz Ahmed to Collector Lahore Dr. Mubashir Beg regarding replacement of high value goods with low value goods during the transit.

According to FIR, Kashif Hussain and Naeem Qureshi (based in Karachi), Nazir Hussain alias Chairman, Sajid Ali and Directors of M/s Docks Private Limited were involved in this crime. The container after entering in NLC Dry Port Mughalpura Lahore was closely examined by a team led by Inspector Saad Iqbal Sidhu, and it was found that the container seal had been tampered with.

Initial investigations found the above mentioned accused cut the seal of the container during transit and replaced Indian jewelry, cloth, auto parts, electronics and other high-tariff goods with marble/vinyl flooring as was declared in the Goods Declaration. After this illegal replacement the accused tactfully re-fixed the seal.

This a particular cartel, whom have been involved in several sorts of crimes and frauds before including smuggling of contraband goods under the garb of used clothing, and replacement of goods out of confiscated containers.

Chief Collector Central Faiz Ahmed is a competent officer and has also served as Commercial Attache abroad. FBR has appointed very competent and well reputed officers at sensitive positions such as Chief Collector Wajid Ali, Collector Port Qasim Ashad Jawwad, Collector Appraisement East Fayyaz Rasool, Collector Appraisement West Tahir Qureshi and others.

It may be mentioned here the anti-smuggling organization across the country has been very efficient and controlled border-smuggling to a significant extent. So now the unscrupulous elements have resorted to replacement of TP consignments. Focus should also be on transshipment and transit trade.

An official said despite plans trackers were not installed on containers and scanning of TP consignments at port of landing was not started, which is the reason of replacement.

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