MCC Appraisement detects tax evasion through mis-declaration

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East, Karachi has detected gross mis-declaration of description and quantity of imported goods by

According to details, M/s Dervaish International filed a GD and paid duty/taxes on self-assessment basis. Total declared weight of the consignment was 24 tons.

Home appliances parts, packing material and auto parts were declared in GD. However, incorrect weight of all items was declared by the importer.

The GD was cleared by the WeBOC system and delivery of goods was taken from SAPT by the representative of M/s Maazan International clearing agency.

On receipt of information, search of the container was started by R&D team. The driver revealed that around 20 tons of cargo was shifted to another container. The found goods weighing 4 tons were examined. The duty/taxes leviable on these goods are Rs2 million as per Valuation Ruling and data which established that gross mis-declaration had been made in this container.

The truck transporting the remaining goods was located near Hyderabad and the remaining goods were also recovered. After detailed examination, the entire consignment has been seized. The difference of duty/taxes in this consignment is Rs11.7 million.

FIR against importer and clearing agent has been lodged for further investigation. Efforts are being made for arrest of the culprits.


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