KARACHI: Hearing a bail plea filed by one Amir Muhammad Siddiq booked by Pakistan Customs in a case of smuggling of 1500 kilograms of heroin which was concealed in an export consignment and seized in a joint operation by Netherland and Belgian law enforcement agencies, a single judge of High Court of Sindh ordered formation of J.I.T.

According to details, applicant / accused filed Form E in respect of said consignment. Form E is a guarantee to be filed under State Bank of Pakistan rules to ensure that Sale proceeds of an exported cargo be brought back into Pakistan within six months.The Form E could be filed by any person.

Umar Farooq Advocate filed the bail application for Amir Muhammad Siddiq who as per F.I.R lodged by Pakistan Customs filed Form-E and thus was roped in. The counsel argued that no role regarding concealment or nexus with alleged seized heroin powder was attributed to the applicant/accused and he is entitled to bail.

During course of hearing, the SHC bench opined that how such a huge quantity of narcotics could pass through custom channel. The bench observed that it could only be possible with the connivance of the Custom and ANF officials.

The bench said that it was necessary that all delinquents be brought to law. It then ordered Ministry of Interior to form a J.I.T to look into the case which earned bad name for the country.

An Assistant Attorney General later appearing before the court submitting compliance report maintained that Pakistan Customs is under administrative control of F.B.R while A.N.F is under control of Ministry of Narcotics Cotrol and hence the directions shall be passed to administrative departments concerned.

The bench after perusing this  compliance report ordered the two departments to form a J.I.T within three weeks.

The case is now fixed on Oct 28.