Federal Tax Ombudsman Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah dispatches 16 trucks of relief goods to Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD: Customs Health Care Society dispatched another 16 trucks of relief goods as a humanitarian aid for the brotherly people of Afghanistan.

Chairman of the Customs Health Care Society and federal tax ombudsman Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah along with member customs FBR handed over the relief goods to Pakistan consulate at the Torkham Border.

Addressing a ceremony held under Pakistan Customs at the Torkham Border, federal tax ombudsman Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah said the relief goods consisted of editable items, warm rugs, clothes, medicines, tents and covid-19 kits. He added that after the Taliban takeover, this is the biggest relief package from the Pakistanis to their afghan brothers. He said this relief aid is a clear message to the people of Afghanistan that the people and government of Pakistan will never forget them in their difficult times.

He assured that Customs Health Care Society will send more relief goods to Afghanistan in coming days. He underlined that few months ago, medicines worth half million rupees were sent to Afghanistan. Pakistan is at the forefront of countries providing relief assistance to Afghanistan to meet the current challenges.

He said that the 40-year-long war in Afghanistan ruined the economy, agriculture and administrative infrastructure of the country and the sudden withdrawal of international aid agencies put the entire population at risk. He expressed his concern adding that if immediate and effective steps were not taken, the situation can turn into a humanitarian catastrophe. Dr. jah maintained that peace in Afghanistan will ensure regional and economic stability. He said Afghanistan can help transit Pakistani products to central Asian states, bringing in prosperity for the region.

On this occasion, Mr. Asim Effendi stated that words are insufficient to pay, Pakistan Customs and others kind hearted Pakistani philanthropists from all spheres of lives especially the business community, who all together pooled their resources and energies to help the Afghans with their lavish humanitarian assistance of 16 trucks loads of good consisting of essential food   and winter clothes.

The elderly, women and children from Afghanistan appreciate this kind gesture, when all of us remain involved in serving ourselves and our families at the cost of humanity, there is a kind soul like Dr. Asif Jah and his organization ‘Customs Health Care Society’ responding to suffering of human beings in Afghanistan.

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