Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers & Exporters Association (PHMA) Election results were announced in its Annual  General Meeting whereby  Shahzad Azam Khan, Abdul Rehman and Kashif Ahmed Aslam Zia have been elected unopposed as Central Chairman, Senior Vice-Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively who will serve the Association for tenure 2021-2022.

Abdul Rehman, Senior Vice-Chairman (Central) will also head the Zonal Committee (Southern Zone) as Zonal Chairman while, Abdul Kadir Bilwani as Zonal Senior Vice Chairman and Faisal Arshad Shaikh as Zonal Vice Chairman. The PHMA Executive Committee Members elected unopposed from Southern Zone are Abdul Rehman; Mohammad Babar Khan; Saqib Bilwani; Fawad Usman; Faisal Arshad Sheikh; Ali Murtaza Panju; Irfan Zakaria Bawany.  The other Executive Committee Member who shall continue their second year term are  Mohammad Jawed Bilwani; Tariq Munir; Abdul Jabbar Gajiani; Bashir A. Ghaffar; Akhtar Memon; Umair Ghulam Mohammad and Abdul Kadir Bilwani.

Kashif Ahmed Aslam Zia, Vice-Chairman (Central) will also head the Zonal Committee (Northern Zone) as Zonal Chairman and Tariq Mahmood Bhatti Zonal Vice Chairman. From Northern Zone elected PHMA Executive Committee are Kashif Ahmed Aslam Zia; Adil Butt; Syed Nahid Abbas; Naseer Ahmad Butt; Sheikh Hammad Kapoor; Moazzam Javaid; Tariq Mahmood Bhatti.  The other Executive Committee Member who shall continue their second term are Shahzad Saleem Asghar; Shahzad Azam Khan; Farrukh Iqbal; Muhammad Zubair; Hafiz Rashid Mahmood; Muhammad Idress; Muhammad Rafi Sony.

The successful Office Bearers and Executive Committee Members candidates were supported by the Export Development Group (EDG) headed by Muhammad Jawed Bilwani who is also the Patron-in-Chief of PHMA. Jawed Bilwani speaking on the occasion of AGM expressed the confidence that the new elected representatives will make all efforts to espouse selflessly in their endeavours to cooperate in the resolving of issues and problems faced by our industry, in the best interests of our members and in further enhancing and boosting the exports. Outgoing Central Chairman, Riaz Ahmed further stated that sincere efforts were made during his chairmanship to achieve the desired objectives of PHMA to enhance exports, safeguard genuine rights of members and address and resolve problems and issues confronting to the industry.

Newly Elected Chairman, Shahzad Azam Khan said that it was an honour for him to assume the office of the chairman for the year 2021-22. He paid tribute to the outgoing Chairman, saying the outgoing body in the lead of its Chairman had been actively promoting the interests of the value-added textile industry throughout the year. Shahzad Azam Khan vowed to continue with his efforts for the promotion and protection of the Value-Added Textile Industry.

Former Chairmen, Office Bearers, Executive Committee Members and General Body Members  participating in the AGM, recognized the services and efforts made by the outgoing Chairman & Office Bearers and felicitated the newly Elected Chairman, Office Bearers & Executive Committee reposing confidence in them anticipating that they will leave no stone unturned to achieve the desired objectives of the Association.