KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has lodged two FIRs against Abdul Rehman of M/s Wasila Industries and Syed Javaid of M/s Western Rags for attempting to import and clear high value new and fresh polyester tissue fabric in the garb of second hand clothing. FIRs have also nominated their authorized agents M/s Ali & Co (Qaiser Abbas) and M/s CPAC Enterprises (Shamsuddin).

These consignments had been marked to Yellow channel for being  used and  second hand clothing. Collector Fayyaz Rasool passed an information to Additional Collector Shakir Ali regarding import of high value goods in the garb of second hand clothing. Deputy Collector Usman Tariq formed a team of Principal Appraser Aijaz Butt, SPO Malak Hashim, AOs Abdul Rasheed and Syed Riffat Ali for the examination of the said consignments.

Detailed examination led to recovery of polyester tissue fabric hidden within used clothing. Both the importers including M/s Wasila Industries and M/s Western Rags attempted to evade government revenue to the  tune of Rs13 million  cumulatively.

It may be mentioned here that earlier used second hand clothing was in green channel, but due to massive revenue evasion and smuggling in the garb of used clothing, these goods  were included in Yellow and Red channels.

A cartel of certain importers, Export Processing Zone investors and Customs officers/officials were involved in this scam, importing high value goods such as  auto parts, electronics, fabric and contraband goods in  the garb of second hand clothing thus causing  revenue loss to the national exchequer to the tune of billions of rupees. These elements were flagged but they got free after making plea bargain with the authorities, in which case the exchequer got nothing. Plea bargains are done  on the recovery of less than 10 per cent of the looted money, therefore plea bargains encourage corruption and crime. These elements are now back and doing the same again.

However, now all used clothing consignments are  being  examined.

Moreover, Chief Collector South Wajid Ali has forwarded an alert to MCC Appraisement East, MCC Appraisement West and MCC Port Qasim to randomly examine consignments of used shoes and consignments containing used shoes among other goods.

It is known that certain elements are adding used shoes in the GDs of used clothing, so that the consignments are marked Green; and high value goods are cleared hidden in used clothing.

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