KARACHI: Pakistan Single Window (PSW) has expanded the scope of its recently launched ‘Subscription module’ to enable online subscription and customs registration of Free Tax Number (FTN) holders that include federal and provincial government departments, diplomatic missions, non-governmental organizations, public hospitals, universities, and research institutes etc.

The FTN holders are no longer required to visit Customs offices for obtaining WeBOC User IDs which are now issued electronically through the PSW platform.

The new system reduces the average time of customs registration from 10 days to few minutes and is integrated with NADRA, FBR, and other government databases for electronic validations and verifications. All FTN holders are requested to get themselves registered with PSW to avail online customs and regulatory clearance services as they become available on the PSW platform.

Member Customs (Operations) Syed Muhammed Tariq Huda noted the benefits of improved efficiency through time and cost savings and said he was pleased to see the PSW services now being extended to the public sector.

“Customs has always been at the forefront of reform and technology driven innovation in public sector and we are proud to be the lead agency of Pakistan Single Window. Its full implementation will indeed transform how international trade is managed and regulated in Pakistan”.

The Pakistan Single Window is an electronic platform which allows its users to conduct cross border trade and all ancillary activities through a single, online portal. Once implemented, the PSW will allow parties involved in trade and transport to lodge standardized information and documents at a single-entry point for all import, export, and transit-related regulatory requirements.

The system is being rolled out in phases. In addition to the Subscription and Customs Registration module, PSW has begun integrating with Commercial Banks for real time exchange and electronic validation of financial information related to cross border trade.

Traders having accounts with banks integrated with the PSW system will not be required to submit Electronic Import Form (EIF) and Electronic Form for Exports (EFE) on each import and export transaction.

The government has appointed Syed Aftab Haider as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pakistan Single Window (PSW) Company. According to the Revenue Division Federal Cabinet had approved establishment of Pakistan Single Window Company and its notification as the operating entity under subsection 1of section 6 of the PSW Act, 2021 for the implementation of trade related PSW programme.

Aftab Haider is a Public Administration graduate of Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Aftab Haider is one of the officers most conversant with Information Technology and Digital Transformation.
Haider has been a highly reputed officer.
Earlier, a PCS officer Asif Jah was posted FTO. An official said Imran Khan was posting competent and honest individuals on sensitive positions.