KARACHI: A nation wide anti-smuggling crack down is under way on the instructions of Prime Minister Imran khan, who is in Karachi to inaugurate circular railway.

PM is taking personal interest in the anti-smuggling campaign to secure government revenue and promote legitimate trade.

It is said that there would not be any unpopular measures from now on, and relief measures would start coming by next year.

Next year, electioneering will be kicked off, the inauguration of circular railway is a teaser.

On the other hand PMLN is aware of the electioneering activities of PTI among other rivals.

Expedited activities on part of Shahbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz are anticipated in the coming days.

Playing on the deteriorating economic numbers, opposition parties are unlikely to miss the opportunity to topple the government.

If, as suggested, PTI will be focussing on relief measures for common people to push up popularity by the time of next polls.

I&I Karachi seized smuggled goods worth Rs41.7 million. The seized goods include betel nut, non-duty-paid vehicles and others other goods.

On the directives of Director Khalil Yousafani, Additional Director Rana Tasleem, Deputy Director Amjad Rajper, Superintendent Saeed Farooqui have strengthened the intelligence network and increased vigilance to thwart all attempts of smuggling.

Moreover, Customs Quetta seized large quantity of various goods from a passenger bus at Panjgor.
Seized goods include confectionery, dyes, and tiles. Value of total seizure including bus is Rs26 million.
Collector Irfan Javed, Additional Collector Umar Shafique Deputy Collector Akbar Jan appreciated Inspector Nawaz Zehri, Shaukat Ali and team.