KARACHI: Customs Agents Alliance has swept the elections of Karachi Customs Agents Association (KCAA).

Karachi Customs Agents Alliance (Arshad Jamal Group) contested Customs Agents Alliance (Haji Asif Group), which had been governing KCAA for the last three years unopposed.

Arshad Jamal Group, however, lost the election and the panel could not get 20 percent votes and their security deposits were forfeited.

Haji Asif said they were unopposed for the last three years. This is heartening that another panel took part in the election, which is a democratic norm.

Haji Asif thanked the entire Customs agents’ fraternity for expressing their trust in Customs Agents Alliance.

Saifullah Khan is elected President KCAA, Muhammad Haseeb Mirza (SVP), Asadullah Shah (VP), Fida Hussain Tanoli (VP), Gohar Mehboob (VP), Khalid Aman (VP), Muhammad Farooq (VP), Rana Nasrullah Khan (VP), Arshad Khurshid (GS), Nausherwan Haider (JS), Sohail Siddiq (IS), Muhammad Arshad Bharrti (FS).

The Managing Committee members include Abdul Rasheed, Adeel Arshad, Aurungzeb Iqbal, Ch. Sajid Ali, Iqbal Zafar Alam, Jawwad Khalid, Kamran Rehman, Muhammad Basharat, M. Fahad Arif, M. Hamza Nisar, M. Kamran, M. Ramzan, Rana Tanveer, Sajid hussain, Saleem Abbasi, Shahzad Faisal Shah, Sheikh Waris Murad and Taha Hussain Khan.

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