PESHAWAR: The staff of Customs Appraisement Peshawar intercepted one Mercedes Benz (22-wheeler) loaded with tomatoes, and during rummaging recovered large quantity of old and used foreign origin pistols and accessories from the driver’s cabin while ammunitions and some accessories from the air pressure-producer-cylinder installed beneath the truck along the frame used for suspension of the vehicle.

The trailer along-with the recovered foreign origin pistols and ammunition, and accessories as well as tomatoes loaded in the said truck were taken in to custody and the driver escaped from the import terminal taking advantage of a number of vehicles moving / parked in the import terminal besides darkness.

However, his passport and Road Permit were found on the vehicle switch board which were also taken into custody.

As per passport the name of the escaped accused is Sufi Saifullah R/o Nangarhar, Afghanistan. Escaping of the driver from the scene shows that there was no documentary evidence regarding legal possession of the contraband arms, ammunition and accessories, therefore, the same along with the tomatoes were seized. The trailer used for transportation of the smuggled goods was also seized.

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