KARACHI: The continued defiance by incumbent office bearers of All Pakistan Custom Agents  Association  (APCAA) of orders passed by Director General Trade Organisations (DGTO) and repeated complaints by opposition group made the Regulator to issue a show cause notice today i.e Sept 20.

The DGTO in a show cause notice issued to APCAA said that orders were passed on Aug 31 and on Sept 14 directing the APCAA to hold elections in a free, transparent manner adhering to rules laid down in Trade Organisations Act 2013.

Deciding a number of identical complaints, DGTO also asked the incumbent Secretary General if APCAA to announce new election schedule. The Regulator also struck down an election fee of rupees 50000 as being illegal and violative of TO Rules.

On Sept 14, the Regulator deciding fresh applications held the elections in abeyance till a compliance report is furnished by the defiant APCAA body.
As no compliance report was submitted and revised election schedule was not announced, some members again approached the DGTO who today  ordered issuance of Show Cause Notice while re-endorsing the order of holding elections to be held on Sept 22 in abeyance.

As a result no election will be held until compliance report is submitted by the defiant present managing body of APCAA.

The friction between two groups to control APCAA may result in a disaster as elections are now in doldrums and another round of litigation is on the cards.