Bahria Town Karachi: A Bitter Disappointment

 Worst quality of construction irks residents

Buyers of properties in Bahria Town Karachi were utterly disappointed after they found the villas and apartments they had bought were very poorly constructed.

Leaking and seeping ceilings, stained walls, crocked floors, misfit doors, and jammed water taps welcomed the owners of the properties after they got the possession.

Jahangir Khan bought an apartment in Bahria Town. These buildings have been constructed by the Bahria Town. “There is severe seepage in almost all the walls, while the floors are not level, as the water is accumulated in the center of the living room instead of going to the drains.”

Jahangir said Bahria Town wouldn’t fix these issues and the residents have to do it themselves. “Situation is the same in all the apartments. Neighbors complained similar issues, even the toilets were out of order in one apartment in my building.”

Bahria Town Karachi has remained at the center of controversies since the day it was launched whether it be illegal occupation of land, cancellation of properties even after payment of all instalments, delayed possession of properties, and the worst quality of construction.

Rizwan Ahmed, owner of a 200-yard villa, said the water tank on the roof was leaking from the day one. “I bought this property for Rs14 million only to find the ceiling was leaking, seepage in the walls and misfit doors. I had to spend around half a million more to make it livable.”

Although the roads are wide, parks everywhere and playgrounds for kids, but Bahria Town Karachi is not as ideal living as it was propagated.

A real estate agent working in Bahria Town said they were getting complaints of theft on daily basis. “People living here are losing their car batteries, music systems, bicycles and other stuff to thieves”.

The agent said construction quality of the properties developed and constructed by Bahria Town was the worst. “There are problems in each and every villa and apartment and the owners have to spent considerable amount to make their homes livable.”

In 2019, Bahria Town Karachi demanded unplanned 35% development charges, which were later inferred for an unknown period, it sparked protests and criticism throughout in Karachi and overseas. Moreover, the refunds of illegal plotting are still not issued.


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