KARACHI: An appellate bench of High Court of Sindh admitted Rao Aslam, Appraiser of Pakistan Customs to protective bail for seven days against a solvent surety of rupees 50000 directing the applicant/accused to appear before the CNS court.

The accused was booked in a case of 5790 Kilogram Acetic Anhydride case which is not freely importable and its import required permit etc.

The importer declared the consignment as of wind shield fluid but when it was examined at Gate Out stage, it was found to be Acetic Anhydride. Umer Farooq Advocate appearing for the applicant submitted that assessment alert could not be issued for multiple reasons  and  no criminal involvement is alleged rather it was merely a case of “negligewnce”. He said that accused to admitted to bail by Special Customs Court but as it referred the case trial to CNS Court as FIR includes Section 9-c of Control of Narcotics Act, the proper trial court is CNS court.

The accused/applicant thus seeks protective bail enabling him to surrender before the CNS court, the counsel submitted.

The bench allowed the plea and admitted applicant to bail against a surety of rupees 50000.