APWEA points out places where smuggled welding electrodes are on sale openly

KARACHI: All Pakistan Welding Electrode Association (APWEA) has sought indulgence of FBR authorities in curbing smuggling and sale of welding electrodes in the country.

In a letter addressed to Chairman FBR, Secretary APWEA identified market places across country where smuggled welding electrodes are being sold without any fear. These are Rehman Street, Brandreth Road, Lahore. Al Hadeed Bazar Brandreth Road, Lahore,  Chowk Dilgaran, Mominpura Road, Darohghawala, Walton Road, Harbanspura, Bedian Road Lahore, Nishtar Road Karachi, Khizri Market Hydederabad. Chowk Shahidan, Akbar Road and Main Road Vehari, Ghomti Chowk Faisalabad, Khiradanwala Bazar, Gujranwala, Muslim Market Sargodha, Shoba Bazar, Punjab Road, Peshawar, Bazar Shahidan, Mardan.

APWEA Secretary in his formal complaint recounted measures taken by the present government and FBR for curbing smuggling and said that importers of welding electrodes are at great disadvantage due to illegal trade and open sale of smuggled welding electrodes. The legal importers are sustaining huge losses while smugglers and other persons involved in illegal activities are flourisging.

The letter said that local Welding Electrode industry could meet the local requirement by 100 per cent but is now at the verge of closure. This industry could be saved only by taking stringent measures to check smuggling through Iran and Afghanistan. It demanded strict measures to end smuggling of the electrodes into Pakistan.

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