KARACHI: The Federal Tax Ombudsman has issued a show cause cause notice to the Secretary Revenue Division, Member Customs Operations, Director General Investigations & Intelligence (DG I&I, Customs) Islamabad and Director I&I (Customs) Karachi for tomorrow i.e Sept 14.

The show cause notice was issued under section 12(2) of Federal Tax Ombudsman Ordinance 2000 for “Defiance of Recommendations” by the FTO.

The show cause refers to the recommendations dated 08-10-2020 under section 11(1) of the FTO Ordinance where in Director General I&I was directed to take appropriate action as per incident report dated 17-07-2019 and the Collector MCC Export, Port Muhammad Bin Qasim for non-release of consignment of complainant.

The recommendations were given in a complaint filed by Muhammad Abdullah, CEO of Steel Vision who sought release of goods and action on incident report filed by Ali Ijaz, Deputy Collector KEPZ, Port Qasim against Dost Muhammad, Officiating Superintendent of I&I , Karachi.

The incident report pertained to exchange of harsh words between the two officials of Pakistan Customs outside the Court Room no 3 of High Court of Sindh.

The incident report was addressed to the  Collector MCC Exports Port Muhammad Bin Qasim who forwarded it to Chief Collector Customs, Karachi. The said report was then forwarded to the  Collector Enforcement, Customs Karachi who on 17-7-2019 ordered disciplinary action against officer complained against.

The matter lingered on at highest level and jurisdiction of FTO was challenged. The President of Pakistan, however rejected a revision application by Customs department.

The rejection resulted in a belated disciplinary action against said officials and is said to be in a final stage as statements of various officials involved or linked with the matter have been recorded. The said report may be submitted before the FTO tomorrow when a senior official of Pakistan Customs has been summoned to respond to show cause.