QUETTA: In a recent crackdown against the menace of smuggled Iranian diesel, the Directorate of Intelligence & Investigation-Customs, Quetta during the first two month of financial year 2021-2022 (July and August) seized approximately 100,000 liters of Irani diesel valuing more than Rs10 million which is more than 200 per cent increase from the corresponding period of last year where 32,300 Liters were seized.

Moreover, the overall value of seizures comes to approximately Rs300 million in the current financial year as compared to Rs210 million in financial year 2020-21 which is 43 per cent higher.

In line with the directives of PM Imran Khan and Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Director Quetta Muhammad Ismail has advised his team led by Deputy Director Raza Naqvi and Intelligence Officers Hamid Habib and Shabbir Ahmed to keep strict vigilance on the movement of smuggled goods particularly Irani fuel products.

The smuggling of fuel and goods has been going for decades through the 900-kilometer porous border that separates the southwestern Pakistani province of Balochistan from Iran, becoming the primary source of income for the hundreds and thousands of ethnic Baloch families living across the desolated area.


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