Customs Gwadar seizes large quantity of smuggled goods

KARACHI: I&I Gwadar has seized large quantity of smuggled tyres and other miscellaneous goods, which were being transported to Karachi from Quetta.

Information was passed through Director Gwadar Aga Saeed to Intelligence Officer Ali Raza Bhatti  and ASO team regarding movement of smuggled goods.

Subsequently, monitoring of the routes were enhanced. ASO staff intercepted a trailer at Camp Office Gaddani and recovered large quantity of foreign origin tyres worth Rs7.8 million. Moreover, a Daewoo bus was stopped and found to be loaded with miscellaneous goods including cloth, blankets & betel nuts. Value of the seized goods is Rs12.7 million. Further legal proceedings are in progress.

Moreover, Customs Gwadar seized 4.7 tons of betel nut from two mini-trucks at Panjgor. The betel nut was concealed under the crates of fruits and onions. Similarly, 3.5 tons of smuggled iron rods were recovered from a truck. The rods were concealed under sand. Value of the seized goods and vehicles comes to Rs45 million.

Chief Collector Baluchistan Gul Rehman and Collector Gwadar Chaudry Javed have appreciated the efforts of the Customs staff.

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