FIR lodged against M/s Durrani Enterprises for mis-declaration

KARACHI: MCC Appraisement East has lodged an FIR against Shahid Khan of M/s Durrani Enterprises for mis-declaring value of the imported fabric in order to attempt clearance of high value new fabric under the garb of used mixed clothing.

Shahid Khan owner of M/s Durrani Enterprisesimported a consignment from China and filed goods declaration declared to contain Used Mix Clothing at a declared invoice value of $4999.68 and paid applicable duty and taxes on the basis of self-assessment.

The Risk Management System (RMS) system of WeBOC has selected the GD for scrutiny and marked to examination under Red channel for confirmation of actual description, quantity and other physical attribute of goods.

On the instructions of Collector Fayyaz Rasool to Additional Collector Afzal Watto and Deputy Collector Junaid Mehmood, the aforesaid containers were examined by PA Aijaz Butt, SPO Malak Hashim and AOs Altaf ur Rehman, Ghulam Muhammad Bhutto and Asif Jameel.

During examination of the consignment it was found that against the declaration Used Mix Clothing, the consignments also contained “New Polyester Ladies Net Fabrics (Embroidered) for ladies and Polyester Tulle net dyed fabric (Embroidered) for ladies, which were concealed in the bails of used clothing, wrapped in used blankets.

It is established the accused importer committed mis-declaration in order to attempt clearance of high value new fabrics under the garb of used mixed clothing through concealment for evasion of duty and taxes to the tune of Rs2.89 million.

Collector Fayyaz Rasool has advised the team to keep strict monitoring of import clearances and lodge FIR instantly against all cases of mis-declaration and under-invoicing etc.

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