KARACHI: A Special Custom Reference Application (SCRA 196/2017) was dismissed by a custom appellate bench of High Court of Sindh for being time barred.

The customs appellate tribunal, Collector of Customs, Appraisement, West and Additional Collector–II MCC Appraisement West were cited as respondents in the SCRA.

Muhammad Adeel Awan advocate appeared for the applicant while department was represented by Afsheen Aman advocate. The bench noted that impugned order was passed on 25-01-2017 in presence of counsel for appellant while SCRA was filed on 17-5-2017. The counsel for applicant/appellant to a query about delay in filing the SCRA said that applicant was unaware of the order and an application for condoning delay has been filed. It was contended that order came to the knowledge of applicant/appellant when a connected matter in shape of the petition was fixed.

The bench rejected the excuse/reason advanced by the counsel for applicant and dismissed the SCRA for being barred by time.