KARACHI: Continuing with the policy to decide cases including constitution petitions, Special Custom reference Applications etc without delay, the Custom Appellate bench of High Court of Sindh (SHC) dismissed two more SCRAs the other day.

The bench took up constitution petition 988/2015 filed by Chemifar International Pvt Ltd against Chairman F.B.R. The petition revolved round Classification dispute.

During perusal of the file, the bench noted that consignment in question was released provisionally.

The bench inquired from Khalil Dogar Advocate, counsel for the Customs department about differential amount lying with the Nazir of the Court and said if petition is dismissed what would be the fate of the amount secured before Nazir of SHC. The bench later dismissed the same for Non Prosuction as no one appeared for the petitioner side.

The bench also dismissed a Special Customs Reference Application SCRA 196/2017 filed by UCC Pvt Ltd against Special Custom Appellate Tribunal. The bench perused the filed and noted that SCRA was time barred by 20 days and that the vehicle about which SCRA was found has been released.

The bench refused to hear Adeel Awan advocate saying that party which filed SCRA should have been vigilant about case it filed being in knowledge of all developments but situation is other wise.

The bench with above observation dismissed the SCRA.