KARACHI: Pakistan Customs unearthed a huge scam worth rupees 279 Million in which three importers of sanitary goods are allegedly involved.

The details were revealed before the customs appellate bench of High Court of Sindh by Khalid Rajpar advocate, counsel for Pakistan Customs in a petition CP-D4560 of 2021 filed by Messers Agility and Co, Messers M.A.W & Company and Marsoh Pvt Ltd which imported Pedestal Pan with cover, Pedestal Pan with cistern and Squatting Pan with Cistern.

The importers filed GD and got consignments cleared through Green Channel. They declared the goods as “Water Closets”. The three consignment were stopped at Gate Out stage on the basis of a tip off that sanitary importers are abusing the facility of Green Channel and evading custom duty etc in huge amount.

The examination of the three consignments revealed that goods other that declared were got cleared by the importers declaring value much less than determined as per Valuation Ruling VR 1282/2018, dated 12-4-2018.

Khalid Rapar advocate appearing for the customs department submitted that petitioners/importers paid value at a rate of US 6.5, US $ 29/ Pc and US $ 6.5 / Pc  against value of US $ 16/Pc, US $ 37 / Pc and US $ 13.5/ Pc and in just three consignments alleged amount of duty and taxes evaded was ascertained to be rupees 8.2 million.

It was further stated that FIRs have been lodged and Orders in Original have been passed under which fine and penalties have also been slapped upon the petitioners/importers.

The counsel submitted that for the above facts and reasons the department was justified in detaining the consignments of the petitioners.

The counsel for petitioners confirmed such position and submitted that petitioners are willing to secure entire amount of fine and penalties where-after the goods may be released.

The bench disposed of the petition with order that entire amount of the fine and penalties adjudged against petitioners will be secured before the Nazir of High Court. The Nazir in turn will issue a certificate for the release of subject consignments to the satisfaction of the  concerned collectorate.

The collectorate concerned was directed to confirm the factum of security of amount of fine and penalties. The bench also ordered that fate of secured amount shall subject to the orders of the special custom appellate tribunal in appeals filed by the petitioners/importers.