KARACHI: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has advised 49 Pakistan Customs Service (PCS) officers that they are relived from their existing officers and advised them to join their new offices from July 07, 2021.

FBR notified transfers and postings of 49 Pakistan Customs Service (PCS) officers of BS-20 and BS-19 on July 06, 2021.

Three officers including Collector Port Qasim Ashad Jawwad, Collector Quetta Preventive Irfan Javed, Collector Preventive Lahore Basit Abbasi were not reshuffled.

These three collectors have performed exceptionally well, and due their performance they were not moved despite completing their tenor of the posting.

Irfan Javed in Quetta, controlled the movement of smuggled goods to a a large extent and gave tough time to smugglers.

Basit Abbasi in Lahore jointly with I&I Lahore expedited anti-smuggling drive against notorious and powerful smugglers.

Similarly, Ashad Jawwad controlled mis-declaration and under-invoicing at Port Qasim, which was causing billions rupees of revenue leakage.

Newly posted Collector Preventive Karachi Feroz Alam Junejo is assigned an imported task. Road smuggling has been minimized and shifted to sea through launches. Betel nut, Indian cloth, cosmetics, auto parts, are coming from Dubai in launches and the smugglers have setup their stations near Gaddani on unpopulated spots and islands. Overcoming this would be a challenge.

Collector Preventive Karachi Saquif Saeed, Collector Quetta Abdul Waheed Marwat, Collector Peshawar Muhammad Saleem, have delivered best performance and set a high bar for the new comers.

This is quite surprising the Director I&I Karachi Khalil Yousafani was not moved. There is evidence that Yousafani had been meeting with the lawyers and associates of known smugglers and importers involved in revenue evasion.

Moreover, Yousfani lodged an FIR against an importer and made a note that the FIR was lodged on the directives of Director General and the copy of this note was leaked to the accused.

Sources said two Intelligence Officers including Khurram and Yawar were under the direct control of the Director Yousafani and these two IOs were said to be involved in wrongdoings and Director was allegedly patronizing them. It may be mentioned here that several seized vehicles and liquor bottles were went missing from the custody of I&I Karachi.

Nonetheless, I&I Karachi has been quite effective against smuggling and revenue evasion thanks to Additional Directors Rana Tasleem, Sheeraz Ahmad, Deputy Directors Rana Aftab, Toseef Gorchani, Amjad Rajpar

Engineer Habib is posted Director Transit Trade. To recall, Supreme Court took a suo mkoto in NATO containers pilferage and replacement case.

Then Director Transit Trade Munir Qureshi assigned Engineer Habib as the Inquiry Officer and Habib declared there was nothing wrong despite the fact several trucks/containers made a round from Peshawar in one and two days. He also remained suspended in this regard.

Syed Asad Raza is posted Collector Exports Karachi, while there has been no order regarding existing Collector Exports Karachi Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh. It seems there are two collectors at MCC Exports Karachi at the movement.

Tahir Qureshi is moved to Collector Appraisement West in place of Nasir Jamil. Tahir Qureshi is a very competent and honest officer.

A new Directorate Law and Prosecution is created and Zeba Azhar is posted as the first Director. Zeba Azhar is a very competent and highly reputed officer.

An official said R&D should be centralized under the direct control of Chief Collector.

The office of Chief Collector was created to accommodate officers, there are no actual authorities associated with this office. Giving R&D under the control of Chief Collector will strengthen checks and control. Similarly, the investigation should also be centralized.



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