Customs Hyderabad surpasses revenue collection target

HYDERABAD: Collectorate of Customs Hyderabad has succeeded in surpassing annual revenue targets assigned by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for the Financial Year 2020-21.

During the FY 2020-21, under the head of Customs Duty, an amount of Rs4451 million has been collected, which is 12% higher than the assigned target i.e. Rs 3961 million and 15% higher than the collection in the corresponding period of last year.

Likewise, an amount of Rs5973 million as Sales Tax (on imports), Rs.11 million as FED and Rs.181 million as Withholding Tax, has been collected. Overall the growth rate of 13% has been achieved by the Collectorate in all the duty/taxes vis-a-vis the collection made during the previous year.

Simultaneously, the Anti-Smuggling Organizations (ASOs) formations of MCC Hyderabad geared up their efforts which resulted in making more than 400 seizure cases of smuggled goods valuing Rs2005 millions during the year under report.

The value of smuggled goods and non-duty paid vehicles seized during the reported period is approximately 44% higher than the last financial year. The seized goods include smuggled Narcotics (Charas 1010 kgs.), Gutka 4431,280 sache, Liquor (6000 bottles), Irani diesel 506,436 litres, Cigarettes 68,685 dandas, betel nuts 182 tons, Cloth 44,452 yards, 200 Non-Customs paid vehicles and other misc. goods.

On this commendable performance Collector Hyderabad Abdul Qadir Memon appreciated the efforts of the staff of Hyderabad Collectorate especially anti-smuggling units led by Additional Collector Ahsan Shah and Deputy Collector Manomal for effecting seizures valuing Rs2.0 billion in FY21.

In his address to the staff, he said, “Hyderabad Collectorate has succeeded in both the major fronts of Pakistan Customs i.e. Collection of duty/taxes and in disruption of movement of contraband and smuggled goods into the area. If these goods have not been intercepted by the Customs, money earned from the smuggled goods would have fallen into the rouge hands of smugglers, criminals and terrorists. The ASO performance might be a catalyst in disruption and dismantling of the smuggling networks in the area”.

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