KARACHI: Directorate of Post Clearance Audit (PCA) Islamabad has initiated an audit of diplomatic bonds and has sought provision of record from MCC Preventive Karachi.

PCA Islamabad is conducting this audit under the request by FIA to provide data in this regard.

FIA is investigating involvement of officers and officials in corruption and misuse of authority during previous years.

Additional Director PCA Talib Hussain  has sought complete record of M/s General Enterprises Co with note sheets whether liquor was ordered to be included in the license and subsequently the renewal of the license.

PCA has also sought copies of the license of Diplomatic Bonds of M/s General Enterprises Co along with the names of directors/owners and tax numbers of the company.

PCA has requested MCC Preventive to explain the rules, laws, procedures, CGO and standard operating procedures under which M/s General Enterprises was entitled to import liquor through in-bond and ex-bond mode by availing exemption under Chapter 99 of Pakistan Customs Tariff.

PCA also wants to know the measures taken by MCC Preventive to ensure safe ad supervised transportation of liquor from diplomatic bonds to the diplomats/privileged persons as the liquor is otherwise banned.

An official said diplomatic consignments were used to smuggle liquor and other goods since long and the incidence of such import increased around the Christmas and New Year. It was known officials of several embassies were involved in this dirty business.

An official said government should devise a system that liquor could be imported legally for foreign tourists. The official maintained liquor can be sold to foreigners on presenting their passports.

All leading tourists destination including United Arab Emirates have legalised sale of liquor.

The official said legalised commercial import of liquor would generate large amount of revenue as well as provide impetus to the tourism industry.

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