KARACHI: MCC Preventive Karachi has lodged an FIR against one Rana Phool Muhammad for trying to get refund from government exchequer through submitting forged documents.

According to details, bank official called office of Preventive Service for verification of genuineness of the impugned letter bearing the subject of “100% payment refund” on the basis of which Rana Phool Muhammad was demanding a full refund of the amount of Rs2.6 million.

On scrutiny of the letter and its contents it was deciphered that the letter was forged bearing fake initials of the undersigned as no such letter had officially been issued by this office.

The accused, Rana Phool Muhammad bearing in connivance with the concerned Custom Officials tried to fraudulently claim refund from the Government Exchequer by forging the letter.

The official file of the case was also found to be non-traceable. Initial investigations have revealed that due income tax of the concerned auctioned lot was also not paid and the delivery was made in connivance with some Custom officers/officials and the unknown persons to be determined.

The role of each of them shall be ascertained during the further investigation and on getting the said file traced/ found. It may be mentioned here that Appraising Officer Atta ur Rehman posted at Auction Section of MCC Preventive is arrested in this regard.

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