KARACHI: Pakistan Tea Association’s Aman Paracha has said despite assurances by the FBR authorities the MRP on commercial tea import was not removed.

He lamented the federal budget imposed 3.0 percent additional sales tax on tea import, which would increase the price of tea in the market, as there is already 53 percent direct and indirect taxes on tea import.

Aman Paracha said government and FBR were confused whether to consider tea in bulk packaging as raw material or finished goods, because some dummy packers were still getting WHT exemptions on bulk while the genuine importers were hard pressed.

Paracha said the WHT on tea import should be rationalized at 2.0 percent for every importer, so that misuse of exemptions by unscrupulous importers could be avoided.

Paracha said Additional Customs Duty on tea had not been waived in last 13 years adding it was consumed mostly by common man and if the taxes were reduced the complete benefit would be passed on to the end consumer.

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