MCC Preventive expands the ambit of Covid vaccination campaign to Custom agents

KARACHI: MCC Preventive Karachi has extended the ambit of vaccination to Customs agents as majority of staff at Custom House Karachi and their family members have been vaccinated.

Custom agents are essential services persons and come in close contact with general public during their routine operations. Therefore, Customs agents are also being vaccinated at Custom House Karachi.

Individuals who are above 18 years of age should get the vaccine. Vaccination is recommended for persons with comorbidities that have been identified as increasing the risk of severe COVID-19, including obesity, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and diabetes. Pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding must also get the vaccine.

It may be mentioned here that designated nurse/skilled immunization staff are administering the vaccine. The staff and vaccine has been provided by Sindh government.

On the directives of Additional Collector Umar Shafique, Assistant Collector Shafiullah organized the vaccination camp. Trained medical staff provided by Sindh government is administering the vaccine.

In pursuance of initiative of Chief Collector Enforcement-South Dr Saif Uddin Junejo and Collector of Customs Preventive Saqif Saeed, a vaccination campaign for officers/officials working in Custom House Karachi is initiated from May 20, 2021.

The event will play a pivotal role in safety of general public and front liner custom staff in the midst of rising morality of third Covid-19 wave. The vaccination drive will hopefully reduce the immunity gap and protect the human resource from the menace of Covid-19.

An official said Chief Collector Saifuddin Junejo and Collector Saqif Saeed had approached Sindh government and secured 2,000 doses to vaccinate the staff at Custom House Karachi.

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