WeBOC system shut down suspending all trade

KARACHI: The web based customs clearing system (WeBOC) shut down on Wednesday morning throughout the country.

The WeBOC system collapsed at 10:30 am stopping all import and export clearances.

Director WeBOC Riaz Memon said there were some technical issues in the system, which caused malfunction. However, the system was restored by the evening.

An official said the system failure stopped all clearance causing problems and losses to the traders.

An official said this was not the first time that WeBOC system shut down, as it happened numerous times in past.

The official said officers from Assistant Collector to director General of WeBOC System (Reforms and Automation) were non-technical people and the entire Custom was dependent on PRAL.

WeBOC is an indigenously developed, web-based computerized clearance system, providing end to end automated customs clearance of import and export goods. The system was developed jointly by the Pakistan Customs and PRAL, and was first implemented on trial basis at Port Muhammad Bin Qasim. Subsequently, WeBOC was further rolled out at other terminals and customs stations.

Presently WEBOC has over 45,000 registered users i.e. businesses, government departments (Anti-Narcotic Force, Engineering Development Board, State Bank of Pakistan, Ministry of Climate Change, Railways, Income Tax Department, Provincial Motor Registering Authorities, Commercial Banks etc).

Presently, 30% import consignments are cleared immediately (Green channel – without any intervention), 49% on the basis of uploaded documents (Yellow channel) and 21% (Red channel – deemed high-risk goods). Importantly the system has brought about uniformity in customs clearances across the country.

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