MCC Hyderabad reshuffles ASO team

HYDERABAD: MCC Hyderabad has posted Superintendent Syed Saleem Shah as Incharge ASO Hyderabad, while Inspector M. Hashim is posted with ASO Sukkur and Inspector Muhamad Aslam is posted at ASO Hyderabad in addition to his own duties, after officials of ASO Hyderabad were found involved in patronizing smugglers and corruption.

The Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) Hyderabad is found to be involved selling seized and confiscated contraband items in the market causing loss to the national exchequer and filing their own pockets.

According to details, a few days ago, Customs Hyderabad seized a truck loaded with 30 tons of betel nut. This seizure was made on the information passed by an officer of a sensitive agency.

After the goods and vehicle were seized, a seizure report was made. But interestingly, the ASO Hyderabad staff only mentioned 8.0 tons of betel nut instead of actual 30 tons. It may be mentioned here one ton betel nut costs Rs700,000.

At the time the seized betel nut in the vehicle was taken to the state warehouse, the goods were removed in three other vehicles and were taken to Hala Naka, Faqir pir Hyderabad and Tower market Hyderabad and were sold for Rs10 million.

It was also known that when the seized goods was deposited in the state warehouse, it was only one ton betel nut and 7 tons were the crushed seed of dates.

Collector Hyderabad Abdul Qadir Memon assigned Assistant Collector Manumal to conduct an inquiry in this regard.

The inquiry found that ASO Hyderabad was involved in clandestine removal of seized goods. A sepoy Muhammad Siddique in his statement noted ASO had deposited choora of betel nut and crush of dates in the state warehouse instead of seized betel nut.

Inspector MCC Hyderabad Muhamad Ashraf also confirmed in his statement that ASO Hyderabad had deposited crush of dates instead of seized betel nut in the state warehouse.

Superintendent Asad Uddin Mirza in his statement noted that Inspector Muhammad Ashraf had informed him that ASO Hyderabad submitted the inventory of seized goods in the state warehouse without mentioning quantity of P.P bags and only mentioned 8,000KG of betel nut.

Mirza stated he was informed that the submitted goods did not match with the inventory.

Collector Abdul Qadir Memon has made it clear that strict action would be taken against the staff members involved in wrongdoing.


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