KARACHI: The MCC Hyderabad has surpassed the anti smuggling performance of seizures of last FY by 147% till date by making unprecedented anti smuggling efforts.

Besides, MCC Hyderabad led by Collector Abdul Qadir Memon, has also achieved and surpassed the revenue target for May 2021 and is behind by Rs18 million only (under Custom duty head) from achieving annual assigned target by FBR which will be hopefully surpassed by sufficient margin.

In its recent anti smuggling drive, ASO Sukkur has raided three godowns in old city of Sukkur last night and has succeeded in seizing beetle Nuts, cigarettes, Indian origin tyres etc., total valuing at Rs.15.4 million.

Assistant Collector Irfan Mangi had formed a team comprising Inspectors Ayaz Mastoi, Rauf Bhutto and Mujeeb Jalbani to carry out the raids.

Collector MCC Hyderabad Abdul Qadir Memon has appreciated the efforts of all ASO units.

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