KARACHI: The world is celebrating International Tea Day.

Speaking on the occasion, Muhammad Aman Paracha Chairman, Pakistan Tea Association, said, “Pakistan Tea Association basically plays a key role in resolving issues faced by our Tea trade and industry. Our association has been established for the last 40 years and has been striving to provide equal business opportunities to all its members and tries to provide good quality of tea to all our people.

Pakistan is a country where tea is largely consumed as a hot beverage. Tea is a daily need commodity for everyone especially poor people.”

Zeeshan Maqsood, Senior Vice Chairman Pakistan Tea Association & Convener — FPCCI Standing Committee on Tea Trade for the year 2021, said, “On this day, I wish international tea day to everyone who is involved directly or indirectly with the tea industry globally. Globally, Tea is a billion dollar industry and has given livelihood to many from farmers till retail counter”.

Muhammad Afzal VC, PTA, Member SC Tea at FPCCI said, “With great honour and pleasure, I would like to wish each and everyone of you, who is directly or indirectly related to the tea business, Happy International Tea Day.

Each person sitting here has had or is having his or her fair share of struggles in their journey of tea business and so let’s take a moment to appreciate all our efforts”.

Nasser Hayatt Maggo President, FPCCI, said, “I would like to appreciate PTA on international Tea day I furthermore appreciate Pakistan Tea Association’s efforts for providing the best quality tea from the world to our nation as well. FPCCI indeed appreciates the role and support of Pakistan Tea Association (PTA) and its members to contributing Government revenue and promoting legal Tea Trade in the country.

FPCCI knows the importance and functions of Pakistan Tea Association. In this regard we have formed FPCCI-Standing Committee on Tea Trade that will help all Tea traders and Tea industry to lift up their business issues with higher government authorities”.

M. Shariq Vohram President, KCCI, said, “I would like to appreciate the dedicated efforts and the vibrant role being played by Pakistan Tea Association (PTA) International Day on the occasion of International Tea Day.

I take this opportunity to pay glowing tribute to the leadership and office-bearers of Pakistan Tea Association who have been working dedicatedly to resolve the issues being faced by their members who have been contributing substantial revenue to the national exchequer by importing tea through legal channels”.

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