KARACHI: MCC Preventive Karachi conducted a significant operation in the vicinity of Keti Bandar and successfully recovered 7.7 Kgs (Gross weight) of Meth Crystal amounting Rs 169.4 million in the international market.

As per details, an intel was received in the office of Collector Saquif Saeed that an attempt to smuggle narcotics will be made from off Keti Bundur. The smugglers would use fishing boat for transportation of Narco to high sea from a small island near Keti Bundur.

Acting on tip-off, a special squad was constituted under Mr. Jabbar Khan Niazi, Supt, ASO. During this sensitive operation, the team had to use private wooden boats to reach the place. The smugglers on seeing enforcement squad left the goods and escaped from the spot.

The operation resulted in to recovery of 7.7 kg meth white crystal synthetic drug.
The operation was conducted as per the directions of the Collector Mr.Saqif Saeed and Adittional Collector Mr.Haroon Waqar Malik of MCC E&C Karachi  and was supervised by AC Headquarters Mr.Shafi Ullah.

Notably the operation was carried out utilising the resources of Pakistan Customs and on the basis of its own intelligence network. This seizure is reflective of Pakistan Customs commitment with WCO and UNODC to curb the trade of contraband narcotics.
An official said crews of large vessels were involved in narcotics smuggling and the goods were delivered to them in the high seas.
The seized narcotics were also to be delivered to an international vessel.

It was also known that Customs authorities are making arrangements to identify the vessel, these narcotics were to be delivered.

Member Customs Tariq Huda has assigned Collector Saquif Saeed to focus on narcotics smuggling.
Meanwhile, Additional Collector Haroon Malik has formed three teams led by Assistant Collector Shafiullah. These teams would continue anti smuggling activities during Eid holidays.

Sources said PM Imran Khan is focussed on anti smuggling and money laundering. The political chaos caused by PDM had slowed down the anti smuggling campaign, but now the anti smuggling and anti money laundering drive.