Sharjeel Jamal criticize Directorate of Customs Valuation for unfair determination of values

KARACHI: Sharjeel Jamal of UTrade Logistics has claimed that Directorate of Customs Valuation determined the values of deodorants and body sprays on higher side because the importers refused to bribe Customs Valuation staff, which was demanded for fair determination of values.

Importers of deodorants and body sprays have been requesting the Directorate General to revise irrational and arbitrarily fixed high values of the subject goods through Valuation Ruling NO 1456/2020 at the instigation of certain interest group. Unfortunately no action was taken on their request.

“Now when the Islamabad High Court has set aside the Valuation Ruling No 1456/2020 the Directorate has shown irritating haste and urgency in redetermination of values of said goods without taking into account the emergency situation of Corona pandemic only to protect the interest of those groups who compensate the officers through illegal gratification,” Sharjeel Jamal of UTrade Logistics said in a letter to Director General Customs Valuation in Karachi.

Jamal said all Valuation Rulings issued in the recent past are either to protect the interest of those importers who import goods at under invoiced values and the Director in collaboration with them have fixed lower values or have fixed higher values of certain items to protect the interest of competitors after being duly compensated by latter.

“All this is being done through touts of Director Customs Valuation who are marketing on his behalf and contact importers while offering them fixing of lower prices in case they pay demanded sum In case the demand is not met prices are fixed on the higher side causing irreparable loss to the trade on one hand and increase in the smuggling of these items on the other hand,” Sharjeel Jamal said.

He said Customs Valuation staff fixed lower prices of cosmetics after getting illegal gratification from certain importers.

Sharjeel Jamal demanded of Directorate General Customs Valuation that harassment of importers should be stopped forthwith and Customs values should be based on actual transaction values.

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